Employment Law: What Does it Mean?


In order to protect the job of employees, a system called Employment Law was created and it has laws that were created that employers should abide with, with regards to the way the business or company is treating their employees. Health insurance to the employee and to his or her families is one of the benefits brought along with the employment law to the employees. Its purpose is also to protect the employees from any way or form of discrimination, may it be race, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation or even being a recruit or a veteran. In order to protect the employees' rights as a human and as a worker, employment law is very important in the business and commercial area.

Labor law, some may call it, it covers many topics that involves the relationship between the employer and the employee. Employment law or labor law in some countries refer to the rights and responsibilities that are stated in the contract that was brought upon the employer and the employee and usually, a common law or a legislation is included and implied in the said contract. Labor law or employment law is also stating that the business or employer should provide the employee a safe and healthy workplace for the employer.

While there are laws that allow employers to allow their employees to work overtime with no overtime pay, the employment law or labor law highly disagrees to this. It was the establishment of fair wages and the restrictions of employers to employ children for labor that really propelled labor law or employment law to action. Not to mention also the limitation of weekly hours or work and the regulation of safety and clean workplace for the workers and employees. You can consult toronto employment lawyer for more info!

The first type of law that labor law or employment law covers is the collective labor law, which can be observed between unions that are made up of employees and an employee himself or herself. Collective labor law covers the actions of hikes, workplace involvement of the unions, and picketing of the unions in the workplace. The next type of law that the labor law or employment law cover is the individual labor law which involves the proper minimum wage, working hours, how safe is the workplace and the dismissal or firing of the employees in the workplace. For more info about lawyers, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawyer .

Without the help of the labor law or the wrongful dismissal lawyer toronto , a lot of the people would have a hard time feeding themselves and their families because employers have all the freedom in the world to hire and dispose an employee whichever they see fit, that is why employment law is very important especially for employees.